General Catching tips: In order to have the highest chance of catching a legendary Pokemon, here's what you should do:

*Get the legendary as close to 1 HP as possible (using False Swipe is a good idea).
*Put it to sleep. Sleep is the best status to induce on an opponent since it gives you a higher chance of catching the Pokemon than Paralysis. Of course, you don't want to induce Poison or Burn since the damage will knock it out.
*If you happen to damage a legendary as close to 1 HP within 5 turns, use Quick Balls. Quick Balls are stronger than Ultra Balls if used at starting within 5 turns.
*Wait 30+ turns, then use Timer Balls. Timer Balls are twice as strong as Ultra Balls after at least 30 turns have passed.
*Try not to use Pokemon with the "Pressure" ability as it might drain out the legendary power points faster and it might use struggle and it suicide damage.
*Try to use pokemon which a legendary skills is weak against or best, no effect ( Like Giratina, use a normal type that knows dark type moves).

Of course, you may get lucky and catch a legendary with only a Poke Ball. It can happen. And of course, you are given one Master Ball per game. It's best to save this for the Wandering Legends (like Mespirit) and not Stationary Legends (like Giratina).
Whatever you decide to do, this guide will provide you with locations and strategies for catching all of the legendary Pokemon in the games.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pokemon Blue Mobile Game

Pokemon Blue Mobile Game

I have yet upload another Pokemon Game for phones. Here, Pokemon Blue, is a similar version to Pokemon Red. For some reasons, some people prefer Pokemon Red to Pokemon Blue and some Pokemon Blue to Pokemon Red. This is also from Generation I. So it might be black and white.
jar  455.7 KB 2.2 

Download Link:

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